Projections & Impression is an expert for all kind of Hotel solutions, Specialists in all kinds of consultancy and the development of hotel projects . P&I provides wide range of Hotel Consulting services and our extensive experience in order to bring your hotel or resort into the project that you have always dreamed of. We commit to offering you solutions to aid the efficiency and profitability of your business .Our past experience of all Hotel project across country motivated us to keep on doing good work for our esteem clients .





WE are providing auditing services with Hospitality management consultancy. From the time of opening of new properties, looking for major refurbishment, as well as keep running successful operations, frequently there is a need for an impartial and experienced expert to advise on:  New design from operational, architectural and practical perspective, Materials, fabrics, furniture and equipment to use, Standards implementation and standard operating procedures, Departmental structures, Recruitment and training. Team motivation and morale, Budgeting and planning, Projects planning and projects management, Products and services procurement
Exclusive Design Strategy

We perceived as innovations and value-adds in hospitality will soon become expectations that you dare not omit from a quality hotel experience. , a worthwhile endeavour would be to deploy the principles of design strategy to help narrow the focus as well as project where that focus will lead to in the near future. we advise in the key areas of resort design such as room sizes, overall room mix and key facilities and amenities which will drive room and resort revenue for Hotel & resort design

Miraculous Planning

In essence, you need we plan with both tangible short-term goals and a clear vision for how that can extrapolated over the long run. With a world of possible directions that one can take insofar as plumbing systems, infrastructure management, and perfection on cost saving energy efficiency asset management solution & process.Taking the strategic market information into account.

Client acquisition

Our customers have already experienced something similar to the lifestyle property focused, empathetic and innovative approach, we will assist client’s right from inception to divestment of their hospitality ventures, by offering an entire spectrum of services that are practical and tangible value-adds for clients. Aiming for best possible solution to clients will lead to keep client happy.

Post development services

Post Site assessment: hotel efficiency services for location suitability, from aesthetic properties, local ownership and planning legislation, to local infrastructure, transport support, and availability of construction contractors and supplies. We create innovative and compelling concepts that are aesthetically pleasing, and drive awareness and contributing to the profitability and long term sustainability of the business relationship with client.

Extensive industry Experience

Todays’ business environment is anything and more challenging . Business disruption during and in the recovery following the peak of the global pandemic has created anguish in all areas of the industry. Our experts in financial affairs, legal and risk management, brand and independent operations, hotel development and transactional matters stand ready to assist.

Gold Standard Layout

From land use issues, financial viability, mergers and acquisitions, hotel contract negotiations and agreement review, determining whether a hotel investment meets the goal of the investor, Our Concept of Gold standard Layout and planning will add sound insight to managing the complexity of restaurant or hotel ownership. Beginning with initial exploratory discussions through to opening a new or repurposed property, our team provides developers, owners, financial institutions and operators expert guidance every step of the process

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